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Canopy Health is a strategic alliance between UCSF and John Muir Health, for the creation and operation of a Bay Area-wide accountable care network (ACN).

The eBusiness team–where I operate–at John Muir Health was tasked to support the creation and development of a single patient portal while leveraging multiple EMRs. First of its kind, the portal is meant to provide a single user experience where quality care and coverage can be accessed from a single place in a transparent and simple way.

As the Lead UX Designer I am tasked to help guide & shape the development of this vision, based on what users understand / require, while partnering with stakeholders to deliver the right solution.

My engagement was then expanded to include the design of their corporate web site, for physicians, employers, and brokers.


First round concepts for the web site.

– Options for one-page layout:

a b

c d

– Options for single-page layout:

3 2


Second round comps, used for Usability Testing:

desktop_vA mobile_vA desktop_vB mobile_vB


Final design for the launch:

– For the initial launch, I also created the illustration of the map.

website_v9bX1 canopyMAP_v5LG

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