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The Vision

“Enable physician care delivery by streamlining collaboration and communication among physicians and staff within John Muir Health and affiliated parties”

How We Started*
The Medical Staff at John Muir Health came to the eBusiness team, with a need for:

– A site accessible only to current and future medical staff
– A site available from anywhere
– A site where to have a repository of forms, documents, and news

The Landscape
There were some early attempts, including what was on the public site and on the Intranet. These were informational in nature and did not provide tools to facilitate the communication and collaboration that were core issues for the physicians.

Early research into 3rd party products (TigerText and Yammer) helped us identify and validate the need for communication and collaboration tools. We also quickly validated an early assumption that accessibility would be key to the success of PRC. The site needed to be available from the devices physicians use, not a terminal in the hospital/office.

What We Did
We worked collaboratively with our customers and stakeholders, rapidly iterating to create the most value possible. The work has included:

– Long-form interviews (“journey mapping”) to better understand the physician experience
– Upfront group working sessions with a multi-specialty product advisory council
– Nearly 20 formal 1:1 interviews and exercises with physicians and staff
– Prioritization exercises
– Usability studies

After making sense of the usage domain by identifying the needs and problems of our doctors, the focus shifts for me to the product being designed. Here are a couple of prototypes, as concrete representations of the to-be-designed product:

First Version–Keynote:

Second Version–Photoshop:

Final Version–Keynote:

*WE = a team composed by the UX Lead, the Lead Developer, and the Product Manager. Adaptive Path helped us in the initial part of the research.

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