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With the shortage of primary care physicians projected to continue increasing in the US, John Muir Health invested in the creation of a Family Residency Program, to make the choice of becoming a primary care physician more attractive to the medical students.

To deliver the vision of the Residency of the Future, and help gather consensus among stakeholders, I was invited to help the Residency Director and the Residency Program Manager to bring forth the best way to bring John Muir Health’s message. This initiative had to be professional, yet light-hearted, project a clear message, and it had to be relatively inexpensive to produce.

In a collaborative and fun setting I started with a few workshops to nail the message and explore options: from interactive presentations (Prezi), through professional videos (Animoto, iMovie), comic storyboards (Pixton), and video animations (GoAnimate). I ended up with a few good options to choose from. (See below for examples.)

As we clarified the objectives, we ended up creating a “Day in the Life of a Resident”; a video animation that tells the story of a Resident in the upcoming John Muir Health’s Family Residency Clinic. I created the video using GoAnimate, replaced the automatic voices with real people recordings, and added a few custom characters.

The presentations were a success, not only the chosen medium had defeated the anxieties of introducing a big change into a well consolidated and traditional organization, but it had sparked the interest of many to want to volunteer into the program.

GoAnimate final animation:

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