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* Created and launched new mobile app (native iOS) to facilitate communications between patients and physicians, enabling patients to access their medical records, schedule appointments, and message their doctors, both online and from their phones.

* Designed and launched new Physicians Portal (responsive site) with SSO, communications, calendar of events, and training resources.




* Re-thought how healthcare and health plan services are presented to patients as healthcare reform challenges the space to create new models that integrate traditionally segmented information.

* Facilitated participatory design sessions to come up with innovative ideas while strengthening team collaboration. Aligned UX vision by engaging team in the creation of Task Models, User Journeys, Rapid Design Labs, and Discovery, to help focus on customers’ needs.


Professional Experience.

User Experience Lead

John Muir Health, Walnut Creek, California 2013 – present

John Muir Health is a collaborative, patient-centered health care environment.

* Owned end-to-end user experience across the entire product family.
* Promoted design thinking, and organized discovery workshops to solve information design challenges within an agile organization.
* Conceived, defined, and executed user experiences across web and mobile products for new Physician Resource Center Portal.
* Created and launched new iOS app to facilitate communications between patients and physicians.
* Partnered with stakeholders, set UX standards, and presented design for integrated web portals to chief executive officers to influence product strategy.
* Championed ongoing improvements by considering customer feedback, site metrics, and usability findings.
* Delivered an inspirational design vision for Canopy Health, aligned to overall company strategy and translating that vision into actionable investment priorities.

Principal, User Experience Designer

Symantec Corporation, San Francisco, California 2010 – 2013

Symantec is market leader in computer security and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

* Aligned UX across DLP platform and promoted “Community of Practice” by spearheading Principles and Best Practices of UX Design sessions.
* Prioritized UX stories in the backlog and facilitated collaboration among teams.
* Led participatory ideation design workshops with product managers, QA, developers, and researchers.
* Implemented a strategy for fixing UX ‘broken windows’ starting with surface improvements, going progressively deeper into structural issues and ending with a big organizational shift.
* Conducted customer research interviews and advocated the implementation of re-use strategies, leveraging previous design solutions to allocate resources more efficiently.


“Can UX be Agile?” | Cutting Edge (Culver City 2013)
“Gamification for Enterprise” | Cutting Edge (Mountain View 2012)

User Experience Advocate

Pie Digital, San Francisco, California 2009 – 2010

Pie Digital provides innovative solutions for Home Networking.

* Worked with PMs, engineers, and stakeholders to help evolve ideas for new and existing features.
* Unified the branding across multiple channels—touchscreen home device, client-side user app, enterprise customer support app, online portal.
* Drove the participation of all parties involved to quickly get sign off.
* Created from scratch a usability room to conduct usability testing, workshops, and ideation sessions.

User Experience Strategist

International Asset Systems, Oakland, California 2008 – 2009

IAS provides equipment management and tracking services for the transportation industry.

* Guided the full redesign of company comprehensive suite of intermodal web applications into a single platform, and mentored consultants.
* Worked with chief architect and product managers to create a unified, flexible framework that improved modularity of web applications and streamlined the development process.

User Experience Manager

Mirixa Corporation, Emeryville, California 2006 – 2008

Mirixa provides a SaaS platform to simplify and standardize healthcare delivery.

* Fully redesigned a clinical web application.
* Enhanced program modularity, and added a broad range of refinements, fixes, and enhancements, resulting in doubling the number of clients (from approx. 4000 to 8000).
* Art directed the launch of the new company brand.

Creative Director

Marcole Enterprises, Walnut Creek, California 2000 – 2006

Marcole offers interactive systems for in-store kiosk Gift Registry and Electronic Catalog.

* Won Best Kiosk Interface Design Award Runner-Up, Gift RegistryWorks: For integrating the complexity of many requirements into one single, user-friendly interface. (KIOSK Magazine annual rewards, 2000)


Internet Design & Technology

SFSU MSP, San Francisco, California.

Graphic Design

College of Castello Sforzesco, Milan, Italy.

Industrial Design

ISIA, Art School, Monza, Italy.

Ongoing Learning.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence, Andrew Ng, Coursera.

UX Certificate, Nielsen Norman Group.

User Experience: Research & Prototyping, University of San Diego.

A History of Art for Artists, Animators and Gamers, CAL Arts.

Creativity, Innovation, and Change, University of Pennsylvania.

Gamification, University of Pennsylvania.

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