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New App Designs.

Daniela is passionate about the creative aspects of design as well as the technical aspects of software development. She practices user experience as a means to delight users. With over 15 years of experience creating and re-inventing new apps for the Web, desktops, mobile devices, and kiosks, her passion for finding and understanding customers’ unmet needs, has led her to diverse environments, from the place where patients manage both their medical records and health plan to the fashionable world of Neiman Marcus.

With more than twenty new apps designed from the ground up, Daniela has solved a myriad of design challenges for start-ups, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. With her unwavering commitment to results, a toolbox of endless options at her disposal, and her thorough understanding of the larger picture Daniela has always managed to adapt the design process to fit different-sized teams and personalities, to deliver on time and within budget, and to exceed expectations.

Below is a list of B2C and B2B solutions for which Daniela was the lead designer, responsible for the User Research-UR, Information Architecture-IA, Interaction Design-ID, Visual Design-VD, Ideation-I, and Front End coding-FE.


John Muir Health, Walnut Creek, California 2013 – present

John Muir Health is a collaborative, patient-centered health care environment.

myJMH Mobile App | Create native iOS app for patients to communicate with their doctors, schedule appointments, and view labs. -UR -IA -ID -VD

Physicians Resource Center Portal | Create device agnostic, responsive site, accessible through authentication of user credentials from outside the company firewalls. Allows physicians to view calendar of meetings, read latest news, receive company communications, view training materials, and access professional accounts through SSO, single sign on. -UR -IA -ID -VD

Canopy Health Integrated Portal | Conceive single destination for patients to manage multiple Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and health plan services. -UR -IA -ID -VD -I

Symantec Corporation, San Francisco, California 2010 – 2013

Symantec is market leader in computer security and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).

DLP Pocket | Ideate desktop app specifically for small-to-midsized companies with 1000-5000 employees. -I -ID -I

DLP Active Directory | Design new module to support access to multiple Active Directories and provide mapping capabilities. -UR -VD

DLP End Point | Create new workflow to support troubleshooting during app deployment. -UR -IA -ID -I

DLP Mobile | Envision native app targeting administrators on the move. -I

DLP Malicious Insider | Devise a new design to move away from a data-centric app to an identity-centric solution. -UR -IA -ID -I

DLP Resource Based View | Research and design a new module to discover and deal with corporate storage hazard. -UR -IA -ID -I

DLP Reporting | Design new dashboard to improve visibility of critical issues. -UR -IA -ID

Remediation Portal | Create a destination for users of ‘DLP’ and ‘Data Insight’ products, to remediate incidents from a single place. -IA -ID

Pie Digital, San Francisco, California 2009 – 2010

Pie Digital provides innovative solutions for Home Networking.

Pie Box | Improve the design of a touchscreen device to help configure home routers. -UR -IA -ID -VD

Pie Tech | Review desktop app to enable remote monitoring from customer support. -ID

International Asset Systems, Oakland, California 2008 – 2009

IAS provides equipment management and tracking services for the transportation industry on a SaaS platform.

The Hub | Design a hosted solution to manage shared resources across IAS suite of products. -UR -IA -ID -VD -I

DispatchManager, Originators | Design modular app for ocean carriers and motor carriers to create, update and assign transport work orders. -UR -IA -ID -VD -I

DispatchManager, Receivers | Design a solution to search and accept transport work orders. -UR -IA -ID -VD -I

Equipment Repair | Design app to provide detailed operational, cost, and status information of containers and chassis repair process. -UR -IA -ID -VD -I

EventManager | Create an integrated module to track transportation events (e.g., gate moves, load/discharge, stuff/strip, invoice, etc.). -UR -IA -ID -VD -I

MIRIXA Corporation, Emeryville, California 2006 – 2008

Mirixa provides a SaaS platform to simplify and standardize healthcare delivery.

MTM | Redesign SaaS platform to streamline the delivery of highly targeted medication management programs. -UR -IA -ID -VD -I

MARCOLE ENTERPRISES, Walnut Creek, California 2000 – 2006

Marcole offers interactive systems for in-store kiosk Gift Registry and Electronic Catalog

Gift RegistryWorks | Design browser-based app for users to create, update, and purchase gift registry items from anywhere. -UR -IA -ID -VD -I -FE

Kiosk Gift RegistryWorks | Extend online gift registry to the store so that customers can access in-store kiosk to create, update, and purchase gift registry items. -UR -IA -ID -VD -I -FE

CatalogWorks | Design stand alone and/or integrated app to showcase products, promote special orders, and support eCommerce. -UR -IA -ID -VD -I -FE

DataWorks | Design online app that allows retailers to manage product-categories, collections, item information, product images, and color swatches. -UR -IA -ID -VD -I -FE

Registry Manager | Design in-store app for store managers to create, update, print, and delete registries; and to access reporting and sales history processing. -UR -IA -ID -VD -I -FE

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