ITT | Designers and developers, a myth?

I am a creative person, always looking for innovative approaches to make life interesting. Luminita is a mathematical mind, always focused in getting things done efficiently. Working together, has once again validated my belief, that where there is a will there is a way to build great experiences.

Here is an example. When we started working together on the lesson plan for our classes, we had different approaches.
– She thought of having two activities per class, one scientific and one artistic. She would think of the former and I would think of the latter.

– I, on the other hand, thought of having five activities. An icebreaker, an imaginative play to introduce the theme of the day, a STEAM activity where Art is integrated in the experiment, a game to reinforce the theme, and a reflective ending to close the session.

Working together, listening to each other, and most of all, understanding our point of view, we found the perfect format: three activities per class!


Here is the winning format:

1. ICE BREAKER | To know each other (10′)

2. STEAM Activity | To experience a new learning (40′)

3. WARM BLANKET | To close the session with a mindful exercise (10′)


For the first class we will play the “Detective” theme:

Ice Breaker | Pick an Image / #A / #B / #C / #D

Main Activity | Classify Fingerprints / Dossier 1Dossier 2

Warm Blanket | Eyewitness