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UX Advocate 2009-2019

Pie Digital, Inc. offers a cloud-based software platform that enables users to securely monitor and manage their home and small business networks and devices. Its solutions include Pie Home, an end user touch screen application and management tool for connected devices; Pie Tech, a customer service representative (CSR) application that helps diagnose and control the consumer environment beyond the gateway, and inside the home LAN; and Pie Base, a cloud-based knowledge management system for service providers to aggregate and mine subscriber data, indentify product and service up-sell opportunities, and improve customer support.

My role consists in designing holistically to achieve a seamless user experience across the various UI touch points, to deliver an intuitive and compelling experience for end users.

To facilitate usability studies, workshops, and ideation sessions, I converted an empty room into a UX Lab. From here I worked with PMs, engineers, and stakeholders to help evolve ideas and get quick sign off.


Below are few samples
Usability Studies:
pieusabilityroom pieusabilityroom2 pieut3


piestoryboarding 01storyboarding_pm2


Pie Box User Flow:
screenflow1 screenflow2

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