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Principal, UX Design 2010-20013

Symantec is market leader in computer security and Data Loss Prevention (DLP).
I am responsible for aligning UX across the DLP platform, improve usability, and help integrate different products into a single interface.


1. Customers Needs

Violations of company’s policies generate incidents that need to be reviewed by the company’s in-house DLP group.

With the increasing number of incidents generated on a daily basis, remediators need to delegate few activities to the offender’s manager. Customers with both Symantec DLP and DI products can benefit from a single view.


2. Problem

The first solution presented to customers by product managers, did not meet their expectations in terms of usability.
Customers lamented a too busy screen layout and a difficult navigation.

I was called in to fix what was wrong and propose an engaging and intuitive workflow.


3. Challenges

– Two teams, one in San Francisco, and one in Pune, India.
– Two products, Data Loss Prevention, and Data Insight.
– Two product managers with different visions.
– Two months to prepare for Technical Advisory Board meeting with 80 customers.


4. Solution

Synthesize business technology and user needs and envision smart holistic design solutions.
Create a Portal to incorporate some aspects of DLP and DI in order to enable users to quickly access “remediation” functionality supported by both applications.


5. How

I focused on creating a new paradigm for people to share ideas and constraints in a collaborative way:

– Align vision by engaging two teams in the creation of Task Models that show the process and functionality required to support the user.
– Facilitate discussions between PMs and Devs by developing User Journeys, to translate desired user behavior into technical specifications.
– Shift the focus of TAB meeting from a traditional review of wireframes to a validation of requirements. Position the User Journeys at the center of the conversation to keep customers engaged on the core of the problem.
– Prepare and present visuals of how the new UI would look like only after aligning customers’ expectations with business direction.


6. Results

Maximum customers’ participation.
Input on all open questions.
PMs great satisfaction.


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