Lesson Plan

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I am a creative person, always looking for innovative approaches to make life interesting. Luminita is more practical, focused in getting things done efficiently; working together she keeps me on my feet.

When we started discussing the format of our classes, we had different approaches. She preferred to have two main activities of thirty minutes each; she would come up with a scientific activity and I would come up with an artistic one.

While it makes things simpler to manage and prepare, I knew we needed to go the extra mile and mix our skills into a single activity; after all I have always believed in the power of expressive arts to simplify technical concepts.


Here is the format we agreed on:

1. First 10 minutes, Ice Breaker–to know each other

2. Central 40 minutes, Main Activity–to experience a new learning

3. Last 10 minutes, Warm Blanket–a wrap up activity close the session with a last thought


For the first class I proposed using the “Detective” theme; here is what I prepared:

Ice Breaker | Pick an Image  #A, #B, #C, #D

Main Activity | Classify Fingerprints  Dossier 1Dossier 2

Warm Blanket | Eyewitness


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