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Working with someone else is always challenging; fortunately Luminita and I are friends, and we can discuss our differences in simple ways.

I am more of a creative person, always looking for innovative approaches to make life interesting. She is more practical, interested in getting things done efficiently; working together she keeps me on my feet.

When we started discussing the format of our classes, I realized we had different approaches. In her mind we would have two main activities of thirty minutes each. She would come up with a scientific activity and I would come up with an artistic one.

While it makes things simpler to manage and prepare, I knew we needed to go the extra mile and mix the skills into a single activity; after all I believe that exposing children to learning in many different venues helps them find their own style.


Eventually, this is the format we came up with:

1. First 10 minutes, Ice Breaker–to know each other

2. Central 40 minutes, Main Activity–to experience a new learning

3. Last 10 minutes, Warm Blanket–a wrap up activity close the session with a last thought


For the first class I proposed using the “Detective” theme; here is what I prepared:

Ice Breaker | Pick an Image  #A, #B, #C, #D

Main Activity | Classify Fingerprints  Dossier 1Dossier 2

Warm Blanket | Eyewitness


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