UX Puzzle .2

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UX Puzzle .2

Compiling the methods used in my work with more examples from my research, I came up with a classification of the processes used in this field, and the areas where these can be used.

We know that the field of UX is broad, and it is not unusual to meet another UX Designer with skills or experiences completely different from our own. Some designers focus on the strategy, employing various UX methodologies to understand the value of an opportunity.

Others focus on the integration, bringing all touch-points under the same vision. (Service design)

Many focus on the design of interactions, solving those tedious repeatable steps into efficient time savers.

Some focus on the research, understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations.

Whether we decide to focus on Strategy, Research, Journeying, Integration, Design, or Development, we have a variety of tools to help us through the journey.


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