People Vs Processes

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It is a reality that companies are changing the way they work; some more proactively than others.

What makes this effort successful is two-fold; on one-side employees’ mindset needs to embrace a new state of “un-known,” and on the other side companies need to figure out the processes that best improve their organization.

Ideally you want employees to have the mindset of a designer, and processes to be like those of an Agile team. This is why bringing new methodologies in companies with an old mindset will not work.

Everyone needs to be on board, it’s not enough to accept an Agile process, people need to be nimble; which means accepting—when it happens—the duality of their role; learning to share their knowledge, without feeling threatened to loose control; actively supporting the team’s goals, forgetting their own agenda; recognizing ideas coming from everyone on the team; wearing more than one hat when necessary; welcoming changes to improve processes and collaboration as needed.

In a place of chaos with molecules floating freely around you, you need to generate the energy that attracts the right people towards their befitting projects. In such a dimension you need to remove hierarchical barriers, so that everyone feels empowered.

If your company is still telling people what to do, keeping managers and directors in private offices, and expecting employees to be Agile, then you might want to reconsider your strategy. Rather than introducing new processes, try investing on the people, their mindset, their collaboration skills, their confidence, and their ability to come up with ideas.

Motivation is a powerful driver, when combined with enthusiasm can bring wings to any company.

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